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Lara Meltemi - Лара Мелтеми
5 April
Berlin, Germany
Official website: Lara - Sun In The Soul
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animal rights, birds, cats, dogs, dolphins, earth's beauty, heaven in mind, horses, multiplication of beauty, sam shepard, whales, Сэм Шепард, дельфины, киты, кошки, лошади, мультиплицировать красоту, небо в голове, планета Земля, права животных, птицы, собаки
Singer, songwriter, performer, actress, hobby photographer
Певица, композитор, поэтесса, актриса, хобби-фотограф

About music and me (in Russian)

Lara Tessin, concert, Lara Tessin performs her songs on stage.

Lara Meltemi is a songwriter and as an artist she performs her own songs. She started singing beeing 5 years old and continued during the school days. After study she became a cellist by profession.
In 2000 she started as a singer in a TV-show in Berlin, followed by many performances and concerts in Germany, Ukraine and Sweden. She sang with grate success on many open air music festivals and she entered the largest entertainment halls in Kiev ("Ukraine Palace", "Zhovtnevy Palace" and others).
Everywhere she performed her songs she earned great enthusiasm and applause based on her lovely songs and her strength of personality. Lyrics of her songs are very pretentious and full of original genuine metaphors up to own neologisms.
Her audience loves especially her beautiful velvety voice and the lyrical melodies as well as powerful ballads. She receives a lot of letters from over the world even from people who don't understand the lyrics.
G. F.

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Lara Meltemi - Лара Мелтеми

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